About Salem - A Message From Salem

My friends, I am you and you are me. I am a state of consciousness. No, I have never incarnated on your planet. I identify myself as an ambassador to many universes or levels of consciousness, for my consciousness is not embodied in one level of understanding but has chosen to move through many levels of consciousness. With great delight my consciousness travels through these levels or universes, for they are filled with wonder. I never travel those journeys that I do not expand, grow, or become more self-aware. The most spectacular part of my soul’s journey is the beauty I see in all levels of consciousness for all is Divine creation and all has beauty.

I know nothing that you do not already know. I express nothing that you cannot express. I am simply an individualized expression as are you, united in a group consciousness that extends a great amount of love to your planet. I am part of a totality of consciousness that expresses, much as others of love you have known are part of a consciousness that expresses.

Because I have awareness of many levels of consciousness, I am able to bring a “clarity of information” without being subjective. The consciousness I represent has a great clarity of pragmatic knowledge of experience, expression, time and space that can be of benefit to you. Together we choose to share this “clarity of information” with you to help in whatever way we can. We feel just our presence within your universe can help you to open and expand to other levels of consciousness existing within you even if we never spoke a word to you.

We are not about how smart or evolved we can become. We are not about being a higher consciousness from others or concerned there is a higher consciousness from us. It does not exist for us. To us, all creations are magnificent and a delight to observe, explore, and commune with because we truly connect with the beauty of all life.

What you might consider to be the most insignificant, smallest life form on the planet is magnificent. We can observe one little insect and marvel at the intelligence, instincts and the self-awareness of this life form. We watch this life form as it maneuvers through life at its level of consciousness and recognize that it is beautiful and wonderful.

We live in the beauty of the consciousness of All-That-Is. Is that not what you desire to do? You miss so many beautiful things in your world because you have judged them to be unsafe. You either fear them, think they can harm you or they are an annoyance, but in actuality they are beautiful and wondrous, and we would encourage you to look for the beauty that exists in your world. As we speak to you, it is only to try to help you awaken to the wonder and the beauty of who you are: the beauty of life, the beauty of existence, and the sacredness of All-That-Is.

We recognize you have imprisoned yourselves in your belief system, for that is all it is, your belief. As you begin to change your beliefs, you will change, but how can you change when what you believe seems so real to you? We recognize it is not real, and just our connecting with you brings a vibration of reality, a clarity helping you to move into that reality yourself.

You might wonder why is it that I speak through Diandra? This has been an ongoing agreement and collaboration for many lifetimes. So it is easy for me to express through this particular personality. I have chosen to be a spokesperson through this particular vehicle to help you realize the truth lying within you.

I am merely a friend that is here to help you obtain a greater clarity of who you are, and to see your beautiful planet become the totality of your expression. Your soul expression within the physical dimension is the crowning jewel of creation and because of that in many ways you are much more than I.

If we could take you through the universal consciousness, the halls of experience and expression, we would do that, but you must journey there yourself. We cannot because we would not and cannot interfere with your freewill. It is your choice to allow your consciousness to expand or not. Anything we can say to help you to awaken is our mission and our purpose. Ask for our help. We can help you, but you must ask. Ask the angels for help. They are there to help you.

We are you and you are we. We certainly are no greater than you. We are all one, the sacredness of existence, life and beauty. It is our awareness of that sacredness that brings us together. As you become aware and expand, so do we. We love you unconditionally because you exist, and we see all of the beauty and awareness that you are… and I am Salem.


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