Discover the role your chakras play in how
you experience life!

Experiencing Life Thru Chakras

Experiencing Life
The Chakras

How the Chakras Affect
Your Decisions, Success
and Perspective on Life

Based on the teachings of
Through Diandra

by Clarence Deigel

ISBN 0-9722680-3-0
Trade Paper, 176 Pages
List Price $14.95
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Experiencing Life Through The Chakras brings a timely and fresh perspective to an age-old subject—the chakras. Readers are provided a clear and detailed look at how the chakra system affects the way life is experienced—from how the chakras affect the decisions that are made, to the triggering of emotions, to even the success achieved in life. Simple and easy methods are given to work with the chakra system to remove blockages and limiting patterns, thereby opening life’s possibilities and freeing one to achieve one’s dreams.

“The chakras play an integral part in your existence and daily life. Understanding and working with the chakras is an important step in being able to center yourself in the power that you are, recognizing your unlimited being-ness and the possibilities of your creative existence.”
(Excerpt from the book)

Experiencing Life Through The Chakras is an important and timely read for all who are pursuing their spiritual paths!

“Clarence has skillfully compiled Salem's invaluable teachings about the chakra system into one easy read book that will change your life!”
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