About Clarmar Publishing:

As a publishing company, it is our desire to make available products to assist the evolvement of individuals on their spiritual path. Presently, our work is focused on making the teachings of Salem through Diandra available to a larger audience.

The company is based on the tenet that:

“To be totally spiritual is to be totally self-aware.”
Thadeus through Salem

It is our belief that these words are at the heart of one’s spiritual journey. To be totally self-aware is to know first and foremost that you are an omnipotent Spiritual Being based in the reality of Love having unlimited creative ability and total freewill. It is the aim of Clarmar Publishing to assist humanity in that knowing through the products we produce.

We invite you to explore our website. As you move through the pages of this site you happen to find something that speaks to your truth, allows you to understand and express a little more of who you are, or helps you to fulfill your desires then we will have connected and fulfilled our purpose. Clarmar Publishing is pleased to bring you products for the evolving self-awareness of the planet. We hope you enjoy our website.

Company Mission:

To make available products to help souls become more self-aware as the consciousness of the planet expands.

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Note To Authors:

Clarmar Publishing’s current focus is to produce works based on the teachings of Salem through Diandra. As such, we are a “mission publishing company” and presently do not accept manuscripts from other authors.

About Clarmar Publishing


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