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Photo Clarence DeigelLike many, the journey of Clarence’s life has been propelled from a yearning within to understand some of life’s deeper questions. This led to a search both within and without for answers and understanding that has taken him on a journey of both the scientific and spiritual sides of life.

Initially, Clarence explored the scientific world receiving a degree in Physics from a Midwestern University, but science fell short in providing the answers to the deeper questions like: who are we, what happens when we die, what is life about? To answer these questions required going beyond the scientific realm and opening one’s mind to other thought processes. That led Clarence early on to entertain information given through channeled sources and has spent a large portion of his life exploring a variety of channeled material.

After receiving a degree in physics, Clarence spent over twenty years working as an engineer and manager for a fortune 500-technology company. Today, Clarence’s energies are devoted to making information available that may help others on their spiritual paths and further the expansion of consciousness and self-awareness on the planet.

His latest book, Experiencing Life Through The Chakras, is based on the teachings of Salem through Diandra. Over the last several years Clarence has led seminars and discussion groups with emphasis on the Salem message. He has found the teachings of Salem to fit very well with his truth and all that he has encountered on his spiritual journey.

Clarence has known and worked with Diandra since 1994. During that time their friendship and respect for each other has grown. Clarence is thankful and honored for Diandra’s support in allowing him to play a part in helping to bring the Salem message to others.

Clarence currently makes his home in the Chicago area with his wife Margaret and prior to that has lived in Europe and various places around the United States.


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