Excerpts From: Experiencing Life Through The Chakras


The purpose of this book is to help you open your life’s possibilities through understanding and working with your chakra system. The chapters that follow will explain what the chakras are, how the chakras affect your life, and how to work with the chakra system to clear away lifetimes of blockages that limit your life’s possibilities.

Presently, when you think of what you desire, you focus and begin to create from a process that utilizes clogged chakras that limit your creative choices. Before your mind has a chance to analyze, or the subconscious has a chance to decide, the chakra system has already eliminated thousands of possibilities for you. You may think your desires to be impossible because past experience has said they are impossible, they have not worked, or they have not happened before. Consequently, your desires do not even become a possibility for you to consider or make a decision upon.

When your chakras are clear, they no longer block your creativity. What you once considered to be impossible becomes probable. You are not as bound by past experiences, or as afraid to pursue opportunities and the things you desire to do in your life. You are no longer limited by the fear within the chakras. Therefore, you begin to feel lighter and think in terms of possibilities being realities where before they were impossibilities or only vague possibilities. Your life opens up, and you discover there are more possibilities to consider and choose from in your life. You begin to see the expansiveness of life because you do not perceive experiences from a narrow, focused point of view. You expand and connect in a more powerful way with the higher portions of yourself, and you begin to see and perceive beauty in every moment of your life.

All of these things can be an expansion that takes place within you, but you have to decide if you want to live and create in a much larger playing field from what you have been living in for many lifetimes. Do you really want to take responsibility for your creative power? Do you really want to come from the essence of being unlimited?

Understanding, and working with your chakras can be a powerful, and rewarding endeavor that can expand your awareness and open the possibilities in your life.

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