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Experiencing Life Through The Chakras is an easy read. It leads you through a different thought process and perspective on life. >>Mary Lechelt Gurnee, Ill.

I like the way I feel after clearing my chakras. I always feel better after clearing them! >>Allen Brinegar Weston, Florida

Experiencing Life Through The Chakras easily explains how the chakras work together and how simple it is to clear them. I experienced instant results when I applied some of his instructions on asking for help. This is a well thought out book that all of us could use to help reduce some of the blockages and fear we carry around with us in our daily life. You will feel lighter and happier after reading Experiencing Life Through The Chakras. I highly recommend this book to everyone. >>Alicia Witz, Grayslake, Illinois

Experiencing Life Through The Chakras is written well and is very helpful in explaining the functions of the chakras and what they are. Everyone always talks about them.... how to do this and that with them.... but never actually explains clearly "what" they are supposed to be and why. The author writes in a way that is easy to understand. >>Jill Norman, Marble Hill, Missouri

A Very Captivating & Enlightening Book
As a person who has read numerous books relating to spirituality and metaphysics, I have encountered a number of explanations of the chakra energy centers, but none as practical and insightful as those provided by Clarence Deigel in "Experiencing Life Through the Chakras." Any seasoned traveler on the path of spiritual growth would benefit greatly by reading this very captivating and enlightening book. >>Jeff Maziarek, Chicago, IL USA

More Than A Book On Chakras
I was wholly inspired by this book. Experiencing Life Through the Chakras is comprehensive and enlightening. I have a clearer understanding of how to experience and express as a human and a spiritual being on this planet because in discussing the functions of the chakras and how they affect us, the author give us tools to use, spiritual guidelines and an clear picture of our existence here. It is a book I will reread many times. >> Linda Wittenburg, Evanston, IL

World Tarot Network – Book Reviews (Excerpts)
There are many books out there that talk about the chakras and about healing through the chakras. Experiencing Life Through The Chakras is geared to the spiritual aspect of chakra energy, and what this means to each of us on a day-to-day basis.

The aim of this material is to open your mind to the possibilities in life. It would be too simplistic to say "If you don't believe in channeling, don't read this material." Read this material anyway, and see what you take away from it. Discard what doesn't "take", and work with the rest of it. There is something for everyone here!

Both Diandra and Clarence Deigel come from backgrounds grounded in "reality" - Diandra came from a successful career in finance, while Deigel took a degree in physics and worked for over twenty years as an engineer and manager for a Fortune 500 company. This book is definitely not new age for the sake of new age!

I highly recommend this book to all levels of seekers - everyone will take what they need, and be able to work with it in a very real manner. >> Bonnie Cehovet, World Tarot Network


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